In case of an accident, 1252/9821531252 is a special number that can be easily accessed through any mobile or l& is easy to remember.

We have life brigades placed strategically at every 3 to 6 km radius within the city. Thus, we ensure to reach the scene within 9 to 15 minutes. In an emergency, we will reach you within 6.5 minutes of receiving a call. Each life brigade consists of a team of a paramedic/doctor, vigilance officer, OPS-in-charge & response officer. Moreover, soon we will be upgrading the brigades with shock absorbers, better suspension system, visual mobile units – to interact with the command & control center, CCTV cameras & an advanced GPS system.



Our Fire Rescue Unit consists of fire extinguishers, fire hose, snorkels, oxygen respiratory systems for evacuation & training to rescue customers, also we keep the fire brigade posted.

Our areas of operation are Mumbai city, Thane city, Mira Road & Navi Mumbai up to CBD Belapur.



Every life brigade is equipped with advanced emergency medical equipments like vital sign monitor AED’s (Advanced External Defibrillators), ECG, oxygen cylinders, glucometers, nebulizers, lifesaving drugs, cutting tools, rescue & evacuation equipment.

Furthermore, during an emergency, mobile tracking, RTS, & mobile data terminal are geared to work even during network failure.



We have full support of the state. We are working in tand medical authorities in the city to ensure security of the citizens.

We are also in the process of revamping the entire software as well as the hardware components of the ‘Command & Control Center’ with the latest & advanced technology, which in turn will not only increase the efficiency of our service but also ensure smooth operations & accuracy on data management.