life brigade

is an easy-to-remember number that can be accessed through any mobile or landline network!

Over 100 Life Brigades are stationed strategically within a radius of 1.5 km from your residence or place of work to reach you in case of any emergency within 9 to 15 minutes of receiving a call.

Areas of Operation

Mumbai city, Thane city, Mira Road and Navi Mumbai till CBD Belapur.

Fire Rescue Unit

Fire extinguishers, fire hose, snorkels, oxygen respiratory systems and fire suits for evacuations.

An Experienced Team

Paramedic/Doctor, Vigilance Officer, OPS-In-charge and Response Officer.

Multi-level Communications

Mobile tracking, RTS and Mobile Data Terminal are geared to work even when networks fail.

Advanced Emergency Medical Equipment

Auto External Defibrillator (AED), Vital Monitors Signs, ECG, Oxygen Cylinders, Glucometers, Nebulizers, Life Saving Drugs.

Air Conditioned, sanitised Mobile ICC UNIT

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