About us

Mumbai faces 3,000 emergencies every month. This includes:

  • 53 deaths per day due to heart attacks and other medical problems
  • 20 deaths per day due to road traffic accidents
  • 5+ deaths per day due to fire

TOPSLINE 1252/9821531252 responds to all these accidents and life-threatening emergencies in double quick time.

TOPSLINE Life Response Services Private Limited, which was launched on 11th September 2004, has spread its operations across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and 200+ reputed corporates have put their faith in us. We have saved over 50,000 lives

TOPSLINE 1252/9821531252 is backed by TOPSGRUP, India’s first ISO 9001:2008-certified Total Security Solutions organisation. It is powered by 40+ years of experience, over 125 offices across India and 8000+ customers.

anda, the dynamic, visionary Chairman of TOPSGRUP.

Why do you need an
Emergency Response Service?

Statistics reveal that across the globe, a human life is lost every minute. In India, daily, many people are adversely affected by heart attacks and road accidents. And most of these cases arise due to lack of timely and proper help.

That’s why an Emergency Response Service is the need of the hour, especially in our country. How often has it happened that you’re stuck in an emergency and have no one to call? How often have you seen people ignoring a bad accident on the street, because they assume someone else will take care of it? None of the metro cities in India have a dedicated Emergency Response Service to save you or your family’s lives. Every state has a committed team of local law enforcement agenices and the fire-fighting authorities who are doing their best with their limited technology, IT systems and financial resources available to them. Not to mention over-worked human resources too.

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How does TOPSLINE Life Response Services Private
Limited work for me?

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We have over 100 mobile, well-equipped Life Brigades & Life Patrols at your service, covering the whole of Greater Mumbai.

In which cities can you find TOPSLINE Life Response Services Private Limited?

TOPSLINE Life Response Services Private Limited, India’s First Emergency Response Service, is currently available in the city of Mumbai and its suburbs like Thane, Navi Mumbai and Mira Road. Very soon, these services will be launched in Bangalore, Delhi and other metro cities in India.